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COVID-19 Updates

Priority Groups for COVID-19 Vaccination:

Phase Identity Criteria

Healthcare personnel


Residents of long-term care facilities

direct or indirect exposure to COVID-19


Requiring long-term specialized in-patient care

1b Essential service workers Key role to run essential functions; difficult to socially distance

People with comorbidities

Elderly adults

Diagnosed with high-risk medical conditions, predisposed to severe illness, underserved communities, or are 60 years of age or older

Remainder of Phase 1 


Critical populations

Unable to receive the vaccine due to limited supply or opting out to allow others to receive it first


Essential workers; underserved populations; general population

3 Remainder of Phase 2

Broaden vaccine opportunity to general public; may occur during the summer, depending upon availability of vaccines.


The latest COVID-19 releases from the Joint Information Center:


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