Donna D

Once upon a time, during Saturday morning cartoons, a girl named Donna became as fascinated with the voice-over talent as she was with the stories. She began doing voice-overs as a hobby, practicing in online voice acting communities. Never thinking to make voice-overs a career, she studied Architectural Engineering before receiving her tiara in Fine Arts: Music.

Oddly enough, the degree led her to a career in the land of banking - though, that did not stop her from pursuing more artistic callings. The young girl took a decade-long hiatus from banking and turned another lifelong hobby into a career by become a professional pianist (because they make more "bank" than singers do!). The girl played for wedding companies, creating magical moments for the Japanese tourist market -- something she still does every weekend.

The rise of the digital age gave Donna the opportunity to sell her voice to the sea witch of voice-overs, completing hundreds of projects for kings and peasants in over 20 countries, helping to sell products, telling people how to do stuff, and sharing stories with the common folk who couldn't read.

In 2006, she was seduced by the radio microphone and finally got her shot in the pilot's chair in 2007 as the only Rock show host on Megamixx 101.9 FM. She tried her hand as town crier for Megamixx before leveling up to television at Pacific News Center in 2016. While it was an enlightening and enhancing experience, the call of the radio mic was too loud to ignore. Following the irresistible call, Donna found herself host of the midday show on STAR 101 and then her true place on BOSS 104.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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